The 5 Fastest Growing Careers

Are you the type of individual who would like to try something new? Would you like to discover a different kind of adventure? Are you tired and bored with your current job? Well, if your answer to all the questions is yes, then you may be interested with this topic, the 5 fastest growing careers. If the first thing that comes into your mind is that, we will talk about freshly born jobs or careers, you may be relatively right. We will tackle about some careers which have grown significantly for the past ten to fifteen years. So, here are the 5 fastest growing careers, which are not orchestrated in a particular order.

A.) Dental Assistants – Dentists have been around since time immemorial, no doubt about that. However, dental assistants have just been recently included in the history. The number of dental assistants has increased considerably in the past 10 years. Amazingly, this career has an average percentage increase of about 30% yearly. Why? Anyone can readily become a dental assistant even if someone has no bachelor’s degree. When you are just at the right age and is capable of providing assistance to the dentist, then you could qualify immediately. On top of that, dental assistants are earning $35,000 or more annually. That’s a pretty decent job and salary indeed.

B) Interpreters and Translators – More and more people have migrated into different countries and so, the number of interpreters and translators have skyrocketed dramatically. Mostly, interpreters and translators are hired in top corporations, considering that majority of the bosses are hired by these corporations from overseas. Needless to emphasize, the bosses would somewhat find difficulty understanding more so, speaking a foreign language. Anyway, interpreters and translators draw substantial amount of income ranging between $40,000 up to $60,000 yearly.

C.) Massage Therapists – A lot of individuals from all walks of life would love to engage the services of a massage therapist. After all the stresses of work and the hustle and bustle of life, in general, anyone would simply clamor for a soothing therapy from a massage artist. This is the reason why massage therapists are highly in demand. Yes, the demand is really high but the number of massage therapists is still not enough, although more than 100,000 employees have already been employed in the US alone, based on the recent research.

D.) Petroleum Engineers – Everyone knows how valuable oil is. Essentially, petroleum engineers are responsible for unearthing these precious gases. It warrants emphasis that petroleum engineers drag an astonishing amount of salary that could reach as much as $150,000. Although, this career requires a bachelor’s degree and that an individual needs to pass a licensure examination to qualify as one, it is worth gambling for with the amount of income guaranteed later on. No wonder why this career is growing immensely over the course of 10 years.

E.) Personal Financial Advisors – Most of the time, the financial aspect of an organization dictates the future of the company. Taking this into account, most business or company owners hire personal financial advisors to guide them on this facet. Moreover, personal financial advisors are engaged by a lot of wealthy individuals to advise them on how properly manage their finances as they grow old. With the average wedding costing over $50,000, it seems everyone needs financial advice when they reach adulthood. This career is likewise drawing respectable amount of income.

So, there you have them; the 5 fastest growing careers. Who knows maybe one day, you’ll be taking up one of these highly sought jobs. It could knock on your door soon.


Top 5 Jobs with Highest Rates of Happiness

A lot of young individuals, at the early stage of their lives, really ponder on what career to pursue later on with their lives. As they say, choosing the right path is particularly crucial. The question now is, what then is the right path or track to march on? Well, the right one for someone may not be the same for someone else. Nevertheless, simple analysis dictates that the right career for someone is that can induce satisfaction and/or fulfillment to him or her, in one way or another. More than anything else, it is essential that an individual manages to be happy with his job no matter what.

Everyone knows and agrees that any professional or employee would find happiness with his chosen career when he is satisfied with his income or salary. Moreover, an employee or worker would surely stumble on to happiness if he is into a good, joyous and harmonious working environment. That is to say, he has a pleasant working relationship with his co-workers coupled with a blissful ambience. Practically speaking, an individual would surely find satisfaction with his job if he finds working on his line of tasks relatively easy and stress-free. Above all, a job brings in so much satisfaction and happiness if the fruits of one’s labor can affect the lives of others in a positive way. Stated differently, a job that can help others instigates fulfillment. Considering all of these matters, the 5 jobs with highest rates of happiness are as follows:

1. Priest – The priest is presumed to have the highest rate of job satisfaction considering that a priest’s role contributes so much for the betterment of the community, and that induces fulfillment. Moreover, a priest’s job is essentially easy and he owns his time, no pressure or whatsoever. Lastly, a priest earns sufficient income to support himself; he is the least worldly of all. That is apparently gratifying.

2. Doctor – The thought of being able to save other people’s lives is indeed rewarding. Moreover, a doctor earns a considerable amount of income.

3. Real estate agents – Meeting and conversing with other people as well as visiting different places introduce a different kind of excitement. Most of the real estate agents are freelance. Needless to emphasize, they do not have to deal with demanding and harsh bosses. All of these make the job interesting, and according to Real Estate Agent’s Academy, it’s the fastest growing job in the US today.

4. Authors and writers – It warrants emphasis that anyone would find pleasure and contentment doing something that he loves the most. Authors and writers inevitably enjoy what they are doing, without a doubt. What’s good about this is that they get compensated well for doing the tasks they love to do.

5. Teachers – Most of the teachers find satisfaction handling and taking care of kids or children. Further, being able to impart one’s knowledge unto someone else induces a sense of accomplishment like no other (except, perhaps, the job of life coaches). No doubt, teachers are one of those that are happy with their jobs.

If you love what you are doing and you put passion into something that you do, you will surely attain happiness and so much satisfaction, no matter what your job is. So, how do you find your job?